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Login and search by VIN number or choose the brand by clicking on “Models” on the same line of the brand. Select “Model”, “Year” and then “Version” from drop down menus. It will be show you one or more lines. Choose your vehicle by comparing “KW” and “Engine” code and then click on “Technical data” in the same line and you will see the informations
If you can’t find the vehicle click on “Can’t find the vehicle? Contact us by click here” and enter your data in the help page. An Expert will contact you.
The technical data of the vehicle provides the time as Estimated labor time expressed in hours (1.5 hours means 1 hour and 30 minutes). This time has been estimated
  • by using GEATEK KAMBIO equipment
  • by following the procedures described in the technical data of the vehicle using GEATEK fittings
  • by using the latest generation tools and instrumentation
  • by using GEATEK spare part kits with istruction for replacing
  • by taking into account an average level of experience of the technician who carries out the work